Welcome to the EarthCache Academy

This is a place where you can learn more about basic geology so that you can better enjoy your own EarthCache experience as well as give you more experience to create awesome EarthCaches for others!

For more information about the EarthCache Academy, see the What’s it all about page.

You don’t need to have a background in geology to take any course.  Each course is designed to help you learn about that topic.

Here is our list of available courses:



This course will teach you about volcanoes - what they produce, how they erupt, what controls their shapes, where they are found and more. The course provides you background to help you better understand and create volcano-based EarthCaches.

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This course will teach you about earthquakes - how they are measured and what causes them. You will learn how to identify different types of faults. This is a great course to take to help you set up and better understand earthquake related EarthCaches.

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This course will teach you all about fossils - how they form, how to identify major fossil groups and about how fossils tell us about the history of life of Earth. It would be a great help for you to develop new EarthCaches based on fossils, or to better enjoy fossil related EarthCaches that you visit. This course is suitable for people with little or no geological knowledge.

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Geologic Time

Learn more about geologic time. We will look at absolute and relative time and how scientists worked out the age of the Earth. This course will help you to have a greater understanding of geologic time when you visit and create EarthCaches. This course would suite people with no or little geologic knowledge.

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Funding for the EarthCache Academy has been provided by the generous donations of EarthCachers around the globe.   100% of course fees will be used to continue development and provide new and varied courses at very low cost.