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Geologic Time

Welcome to the EarthCache Academy course on Geologic Time.   This is a free course that you can take within the ECAcademy.  It is a complete course and you will be rewarded with a certificate and icon at the end.   However, you need to register with the course to begin.

This course is made up of four components:

Quiz – find out what you already know about the topic in a quick quiz.  Don’t be too concerned if you can’t answer the questions correctly – this is just an opportunity for you to see what you already know!

Learn – study the course materials and discover more about the topic. This Course has four study units.   You need to read the materials in all of these.

Test – test your new knowledge.  This is a 15 question multiple choice test based on the study materials and their application in the real world.  If you pass this test you will get a certificate for completing the course.

Apply – create a new EarthCache based on the course content.  You will need to provide the GC code and the published date for the published EarthCache to complete this section.  Please note it has to be an EarthCache published AFTER your course completion date.  If you complete this section you will get an icon you can display on your EarthCache page or profile.


This course was written and developed by Gary Lewis.