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The EarthCache Academy is a wonderful way for people to learn more about our planet.

We would like to be able to continue to grow the program, and that requires the support of EarthCachers around the globe.

Support EarthCaching

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Since the first EarthCache (GCHFT2) was placed on 10 January 2004 an amazing 5.6 million people have visited over 19,200 EarthCaches in 165 countries around the globe.  That is a truly outstanding impact  – people outside, having fun and learning about our dynamic planet all at the same time.

Throughout the eleven years the program has established some programs and events that aim to support EarthCachers and have helped to build a community of EarthCachers.

However, these programs require your support.  The EarthCache program is administered by The Geological Society of America and we rely on the financial support of our EarthCache community to keep the wheels turning.


What would your support allow us to do:

Build the EarthCache Academy – an online learning adventure where EarthCachers can learn more about Earth Science. Estimated cost $8500 a year.

Increase support for events based on Earthcaching (stickers, pins, coins and other materials to hand out at events). Estimated cost $3000 a year.

Bring “A” class speakers to the International EarthCache Event  Estimated cost $2500 a year.

Participate at teacher/museum conferences to train educators on using EarthCaches in the classroom. Estimated cost $3500 a year.

What you can do!

Your support can really enhance what we do for EarthCachers around the world and right in your backyard!   We hope that we can build a team of supporters who will share with us in the future development of EarthCaches.   We have four ways you can support EarthCaches – based on the Earth’s layers in our logo!

Support Level



$50-$100 a calendar year


$101-$999 a calendar year


$1000 a calender year


A gift of $10,000


Supporting the EarthCache Program is as easy as 1,2,3  

All donations to the EarthCache Program will go through The Geological Society of America Foundation.

How to donate online

Go to the GSA Foundation donation web page:

Step One

Enter amount in the top box.

Step Two

Type ‘EarthCache’ into the search bar.  EarthCache – Let the earth be your teacher will appear.

Step Three

On the next screen in the “Enter a note about your donation here’ box, add your Geocaching name so that we can recognize you on the website.

Click continue and follow the screens for your personal information and credit card details.

How to donate by mail

Send a check made out to GSA Foundation, clearly marked that it is for the EarthCache Fund, along with your name, full address, email, phone number and geocaching name to :

GSA Foundation,  PO Box 9140, Boulder  CO 80301  USA


Thank you for your support!




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