What’s it all about?

The EarthCache Academy is an online learning center where you can learn about geoscience topics at your own pace.   The fun is in the learning, then taking what you know and applying your knowledge when you visit EarthCaches or even to create a new EarthCache.

The EarthCache Academy is broken into individual courses.   Each course is made up of four parts:

Quiz – find out what you already know about the topic

Learn – read through materials to discover more about the topic.  We provide you full notes you can print off or separate online reading units you can go through at your own pace.

Test – take a test to see how much you have learned.

Apply – use your knowledge to create a new EarthCache based on that topic.

We assume you have no or very little geoscience knowledge – anyone can take the courses and learn more about our planet.

No one but YOU sees any of the results of quizzes or tests.  However we provide you a certificate you can display if you pass the test for each course.


If you complete all sections (including Apply) for a course, we send you an icon to display in your caching profile.


The EarthCache Academy is all about you learning more about the geological wonders of our planet…and so our motto is still:

Let the Earth be your teach….

….just a little bit more!




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